Welcome to Tulu Koota Sydney

Tulu Koota Sydney is a community website dedicated to bringing together the Tulu-speaking community in Sydney. Our aim is to foster cultural exchange, provide a platform for social interaction, and promote the rich heritage of Tulu language and traditions. Join us in celebrating our shared roots and creating lasting connections within the Tulu community.


Our Roots

We, as members of the Tulu community, have a profound history that originates from the Tulu Nadu region, spanning coastal areas of Karnataka and Kerala in India. Our language, Tulu, holds deep Dravidian roots and serves as a significant means of communication among us. Over the years, we have developed a rich cultural heritage, encompassing distinctive traditions, art forms, cuisine, and customs.

To explore more about our community's history in detail, you can refer to the following link: Tulu people - Wikipedia.

By The Way , Who Are WE?

brown sand beach with green trees and brown rocks
brown sand beach with green trees and brown rocks

And let's not forget


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